RMGC (Rail Mounted Gantry Crane)

RMGC is the facility used to unload imported containers from ships or load the ship with containers for export. The RMGC, with its excellent performance and high reliability, is a backbone of container-dedicated pier facility and plays a critical role for the efficient operation of pier.

The Crane adopt a variety of sophisticated devices for high speed, elevated efficiency and fault-free of RMGC while Doosan Heavy Industry sustains efforts to meet and exceed various user requirements for different container piers


Hoist 53/130m/min
Trolley 180m/min
Gantry 46m/min
Boom Hoist 5min


Drivet AEG/ABB DC Thyristor
Spreader Single
Operation Semi Auto Operation
System Electronic Anti-Sway System
Crane Monitoring and Maintenance System