CSU (Continuous Ship Unloader)

The Continuous Ship Unloader facilitates a very homogeneous and dust reduced material flow.
KOINJAYA bucket chain continuous ship unloaders (CSU) are designed in order to guarantee:
maximum operating safety
easy manoeuvring
reduction of maintenance
wear reduction
maximum components standardisation
minimization of dust and noise pollution

Particular attention is given to solve the operative problems relating to the digging arm inside the hold of the ship.

In order to obtain the widest working range, inside the hold, the lower part of the bucket elevator is designed so as to operate with different length and configurations.
The above mentioned devices guarantee a high degree of safety for the continuous ship unloaderand allow to minimise the use of auxiliary machines for the final cleaning of the hold.

Through the coordinated movement of dedicated hydraulic cylinders, the digging foot designed by KOINJAYA can modify its geometrical configuration so as to obtain the best bucket filling and to reach the walls in order to remove the residuals of material.
A "chain tension releasing system" allows that during the final cleaning, only the weight of a few buckets may hit the bottom of the hold as a consequence of ship movements; it is therefore possible to safely remove as much as 95% of the material before introducing the pay loader.

Typical parameters for the different designs of continuous ship unloaders are

unloading capacity ranges from 800 to 8,000 t/h
vessels' loading capacities ranges from 10,000 to 350,000 DWT
sea-side boom length according to vessel sizes up to 50 m
land-side boom length according to stockpile sizes up to 40 m