LLC (Level Luffing Crane)

A Level Luffing Crane is a crane mechanism where the hook remains at the same level whilst luffing; moving the jib up and down, so as to move the hook inwards and outwards relative to the base.

Usually the description is only applied to those with a luffing jib that have some additional mechanism applied to keep the hook level when luffing.

Level-luffing is most important when careful movement of a load near ground level is required, such as in construction or shipbuilding. This partially explains the popularity of fixed horizontal jibs in these fields.

Rated Load

Main Hoist max. 100T(30.5m)
Aux Hoist 10T

Lift Height

Lift Height 61m


Main Hoist 7.5/10/15m/min
Aux Hoist 45m/min
Luffing 20m/min
Slewing 0.5rpm
Gantry Travel 40m/min
Materials Steel Products