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Purpose of Personal Information Collection and Usage

▶ Purpose of Personal Information Collection and Usage
- Using age-limited service by identification, identification of real name, sign up confirm, and use age-limited service.
- Provide notification, secure communication path for complaint handling, and secure accurate shipping location information for delivery of goods.
- Materials for the information and personalization of new services, etc.
- Provide quality service, etc.

▶ Items of personal information collected
- Name, e-mail, resident registration number, address, contact number, mobile phone number, and other choices

▶ Personal information retention and period of use
- In principle, the purpose of personal information collection or provision is detoured without delay.
- However, the contents can be held for 3 months after completion of the consultation to facilitate the consultation of the service. If it is necessary to preserve them under other laws, such as the Consumer Protection Act in e-commerce, the information shall be preserved for a certain period.