SPR (Semi Portal Reclaimer)

For a fully automatic operation is offering their field-proven scraper reclaimer technology.

Scraper Reclaimers are leading in terms of high performance and dimensions. Their reliability also in challenging bulk materials, cost effectiveness and long life time are outstanding.

Depending on whether pure buffer storages are demanded or storages for homogenizing and blending of bulk materials, for reclaiming either side or portal scraper reclaimers (i.e. full-portal and semi-portal reclaimers) or bridge-type scraper reclaimers are being used.

Scraper reclaimers are being increasingly employed worldwide in open storages as well as in enclosed or covered bulk storages. They are being used in nearly all industries and for almost all types of bulk materials.

This popularity and increasing application of scraper reclaimers are generally resulting from following machine characteristics:

The stackers and scraper reclaimers are supplied for longitudinal and for circular storages.

Capacity 1000Ton/hour
Span 60m
Chain scraper 52.069m
Traveling length 1000m
Chain speed 42m/min
Chain drive 2 * 132 Kw 1500rpm
Angle of scrapper arm in upper position + 38deg
Angle of scrapper arm in lower position 21 m
Angle 1000m
Travelling device Number of wheels : 18
Diameter : 630 mm
Low speed : 2.86m/min
High speed : 15m/min